Notes from Route Check- 2 weeks to go!

Route check is complete for the 2022 GBC!

Roads are looking great, scenery is beautiful, and challenges will be….. challenging.

Some things of note:

Day 1 will contain 250ish km of gravel roads, and Day 2 will have another 100ish. They are 3 sections total, and there will be the option of a pavement detour for the 2nd section on day 1, and the day 2 section, should your vehicle be ailing, or not up to snuff for the gravel.

From Nordegg to Hinton on the main Day 1 route, it is very remote, with no fuel stops, so please make sure you bring spare fuel, especially if you have a short range.

Also highly recommended to bring good spare tire(s)! I even got a puncture on route check and majorly regretted only having a donut spare.

Finally, please make sure your info is up to date on MSReg for your entry! If you have not completed the Speedwaiver form as well, make sure you do that. You can find it at this link:

I look forward to seeing you all in a couple short weeks!

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