Entries now open for the 2022 Great Beater Challenge!

Hi everybody!

You might be April fools, but we’re not fooling you, the GBC entry is now open! Time to get serious about getting your rigs ready to roll.

Yes that means you, the one who hauled the perfect car for the GBC home last winter and then let it sit and rot since. Don your best hantavirus proof mask and get to work!

You can find all the registration details on MSReg, here.

5 thoughts on “Entries now open for the 2022 Great Beater Challenge!

  1. entered and paid but dont see my name among the 41 entries. ya im the dumbass that entered early and broke your system so just wondering if i actually got entered or do i need to re enter


    1. Hi Steven, yes, I have your entry, all is good and you don’t need to reregister. Not sure why it’s not showing you on the list but you’re on the list on my side.


    2. If you are seeing 41 entrants you are seeing previous registrants not the current year.


  2. Frank van Den hoggen December 20, 2022 — 5:12 pm

    When and where is the 2023 GBC going to be?


    1. Hi Frank, Info for the 2023 even will likely be posted in the spring.


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