Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2022 GBC

Check out the photo gallery from the 2022 edition of the GBC! If you have more photos from the event to add, be sure to reach out to me, and I will send you my google drive link so we can get them added in the best quality.

Photos from the 2021 GBC

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the 2021 GBC a great success. The following pictures are courtesy of Brian Cohoe, David Saunders, Jess Bunney, Chris Heim, Dan Hare, and myself. There will be more added I’m sure when Chris Doering posts his article on the event.

Photos from the 2020 GBC Jr.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, things were put on hold for the GBC plans in 2020. We were however, able to have a small, single day, limited rules “GBC Jr” event during a gap in restrictions. The following are some pics from it taken by myself. If you have more please contact me and I will get them shared here as well.

Photos from the 2019 GBC:

Thanks to David Saunders and others whom submitted pics from this years event. I seem to be missing some that I was sent after the event so if you’d like yours shared here too, please contact me!