GBC 2019- “Northern Indecent Exposure”

Date: August 24-25, 2019

Day 1: Calgary- Ghost Lake (Hwy 1A), Hwy 93 North to Saskatchewan River Crossing, Hwy 11 North to Lodgepole (513km)

Day 2: Lodgepole- Rocky Mountain House- Sundre- Cremona- Calgary (344km)


Goal: Adventure trip with unlikely beater cars, trucks, and vans. Points awarded for creativity, ridiculousness, and misfortune. This is NOT a race, and any illegal road behavior is punishable by law, and not condoned by the organizers.
Entrants may be solo, or in teams to help split cost.


Budget: $700 CDN to buy, repair, and modify vehicle. (Foreigners use current exchange rates)

Safety items such as tires and brakes, as well as fluids and filters do not count toward budget. A Safety item can be considered as something which would make the vehicle safe to operate, without adding to the reliability of the vehicle. Any questions regarding whether an item is safety or not, please see our FAQ page.

Proof of purchase price (bill of sale), and receipts to prove total spent on vehicle must be presented. Please provide a copy of the original ad if you can as well.

No $1 nice cars that you bought from yourself – keep it real folks

Any parts obtained for free, traded for, or pulled out of personal collections are counted at junkyard prices toward your budget. (You can use the Pick N Pull website HERE, to look up part values.)

Any cars obtained via trade or free, are valued at a fair market value (on the cheap side). Any questions regarding the value of a vehicle, please send me an email.

Teams can attempt to sell parts off their cars to gain money back toward the budget, up to a maximum of 50% the original purchase price.

Vehicles which run over budget can still enter, however will recieve a penalty of -3pts per $1 over budget.


Entry fee: $60, if paid before August 1st, 2019. Late entry fee for after this date is $100.

Entries open March 1st, 2019!!

These funds go to cover the event insurance, pay for our volunteer sweep teams fuel costs, awards, and any remaining money is donated directly to our chosen charity.

Payments can be made via E-transfer (preferred), Paypal, or cash in person if you can visit me in Lethbridge.

Camping will be available at Lodgepole Community Hall, price is $10/team.

Fire pits, picnic tables, and horseshoe pits will be on site, and we will be shipping in porta potties from Drayton Valley. The general store will be open for any of your needs, but plan in advance or bring camping food for supper.

Sunday pancake breakfast will be provided by the good people of Lodgepole. Cost is $10/plate, please bring cash!!

Entries will be capped at 75 teams! Priority will be given to PAID entries. If all 75 are paid, extras will be placed on a waiting list in case of dropouts.


Charity: This years chosen charity is Windy City Canine Rescue. All remaining funds from entry fees collected go directly to them.

“The Windy City Canine Rescue is a group of volunteers based in Lethbridge, Alberta working to help older dogs in need of a new home. Our goal is to make sure that a dog that has already had one family, finds his/her perfect match this time around.”

You can find out more about who they are and what they do here:

Teams are free to raise money independently for any charity of their choice, be it WCCR, or another which is close to your heart, and will receive +2pts for every dollar raised. Please provide proof of your donations to receive said points.


Eligibility: Any street legal (insured and registered) vehicle. Temporary “In Transit” permits are OK.

Due to new event insurance regulations, Teams will need to provide a completed copy of the ASN Self-Tech Declaration, indicating that you declare your vehicle to be road worthy. I will provide a link to entrants to print and sign these forms prior to the event.

We will also require you to sign an Event waiver at the start location. This must be signed by and competitors, and passengers. A minor waiver will be provided for the parent/gaurdian of underage passengers to sign.


Scoring: Competitors will be scored based on multiple categories. Scoring takes place at the start of the event based on vehicle and team entry, and again at the finish based on pictures taken/challenges achieved on the trip.
Age of vehicle:
+100 for 1980s
+150 for 1970s
+200 for 1960s
+250 for 1950s
+300 for pre-1950

Make of Vehicle:
+-0 for Japanese, American, German
+50 for Korean, Swedish
+100 for Italian
+125 for English
+150 for French, or Chinese
+250 for Eastern Block
+100 for a defunct automaker, and +50 for every decade past 1990 the automaker has been out of business

Judge’s Decision:
+0-200 for Costumes, Theme, Vehicle Modifications
+0-200 for General condition of vehicle/likeliness to fail

On the Road:
+50 for finishing the day’s route
+10-150 for optional checkpoints and challenges en route


+1 per km travelled in your beater, greater than 100km to get to the start of the event (up to a limit of 300pts)

+100 for vehicle purchased without the help of the internet, ie bought from a newspaper classified or supermarket community board (save a copy of the ad!)

+100 for a vehicle rescued from a field (photo proof please!)

+20 if the ad for your car contained the phrases “Ran when Parked”, “I know what I have”, or “Needs TLC”

+100 if you compete in a sanctioned motorsport event with your beater prior to the event (ie. Autocross, drag racing, rallycross, ice racing, etc)

+50 for a special edition vehicle
+100 for a factory convertible with the soft or hard top removed
+0-100 for junkyard parts gained en route or parts obtained from locals
-LOTS for poor behavior!
+250 for rescuing a stranded team and carrying them the rest of the trip in your vehicle
+200 pts for outfitting vehicle with sleeping accommodations, and subsequently camping in.
+??? May be awarded at random by organizers…


Feature Car: *NEW* for 2019

Starting this year, we will now have a featured car each event. This is a car that would usually not be a high scoring car, or something a bit obscure, that we will issue bonus points to a team which runs one in the event. This time it is:

Ford Tempo/Mercury Topaz           +150 (plus an extra 25 pts for a coupe, or 50 pts if it is Diesel or AWD)

Ah yes, the good ol’ Tempo/Topaz. The car that time forgot. So non descript that I doubt many of you had spent more that a fleeting moment thinking about in the past. For me it holds a special and peculiar place in my heart, as I grew up in the back seat of one of these.


Start: Wal-Mart Deerfoot Meadows, 7979 11 St SE, Calgary, AB

Meet-up 7:30am, Driver’s Meeting around 10am

Please meet at the SE end of the parking lot if possible, near the Shark Club and Dennys and Sandman Hotel.  It’s where the fewest people park until the rest of the lot fills up, and it’s probably most likely that we’ll have this space all to ourselves early in the morning. (See Diagram)



Finish: Cardel Homes, 180 Quarry Park Blvd, Calgary, AB.

Food Truck arrives 5:30pm

Cardel has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot for the finish location, final scoring, and awards. Teams will trickle in as they arrive to town, get scored, chat and relax after a long journey. Once everyone has arrived we will have awards to give away. The shorter distance on day 2 means we can get there at a decent time and hopefully give out of towners plenty of chance to get home that day. Cardel’s location is good and has a good sized lot which regularly holds Cars & Coffee events in the summertime for a bit…… higher end…… of vehicles than our trash. Speaking of trash, please be kind to the venue, and do not leave a mess.

We will also have a Food Truck, Lil’ Truck on the Prairie,  on site for the finish, which will be set-up for 7:00. Remember to bring your appetites and support the food truck! They should be able to take credit and debit. One more reminder to not leave any garbage or trash lying around afterwards and if your cars have developed any catastrophic leaks, please think about having pieces of cardboard or something for them to drip on.  Any locals are encouraged to bring friends and family down to check out the carnage after the event and of course to feed their appetites!

image (2)


I look forward to seeing you all! Please check out our new Frequently Asked Questions page if you have further questions

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