2018 Results

Here we are, our final overall standings for the 2018 GBC!

1. Miles away from Ordinary- 3340pts
2. Return of the Swede- 3316pts
3. Rusty Creamsicle- 2875pts
4. The Eh Team- 2780pts
5. Pacemaker- 2680pts
6. The Dipolamats- 2500pts
7. The Chevfoles- 2470pts
8. Milk’s gone bad- 2350pts
9. Christmas Miracle- 2310pts
10. Special Delivery- 2270pts
11. Over the Hill- 2245pts
12. Natural Disaster- 2210pts
13. Sh***er’s Full!- 2143pts
14. Big Bang Theory- 2120pts
15. Initial Disaster- 2053pts
16. Radio Flyer Bobcat Rescue Team- 2010pts
17. Shake, Rattle, and Run!- 1990pts
18. Piper’s Pit- 1915pts
19. Canadian Classic- 1904pts
20. Land Lover’s Party Barge- 1865pts
21. Hillbilly Deluxe- 1860pts
22. Benz but doesn’t break- 1840pts
23. Rattle Trap Prospecting- 1810pts
24. Poor Man’s Vette- 1793pts
25. Double A Steering Wheel Holders- 1790pts
26. Brökeswagën- 1720pts
27. Ridin’ Dirty- 1634pts
28. The Rusty Bullet- 1625pts
29. Weakest Linc- 1568pts
30. The Daily- 1500pts
31. Swede Speed- 1470pts
32. Jett-lagged- 1400pts
33. Lone Ranger- 1375pts
34. Olde Faithful- 1310pts
35. The General Ree- 1130pts
36. Toxic- 1090pts
37. Dolls with Balls- 841pts (DNF)
38. Pinto the Bean- 280pts? *
39. Duck’s Guts- 252pts
40. Hunting the Yeti- 180pts? *

*= missing or incomplete data

Our award winners are:

Overall Points- Miles away from Ordinary (trophy donated to the Toxic team)

Unicorn award (Rarest Vehicle)- Miles away from Ordinary


Best under $500- Rusty Creamsicle


Best costumes and theme- Rattle Trap Prospecting


Marginally above average effort award- Over the Hill


Most Spectacular Failure- Dolls with Balls


Most comfortable- Weakest Linc


Least comfortable- Toxic


Dutchman’s award (Lowest total spend)- The Eh Team

Best Roadside Repair- The Eh Team


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