GBC 2022- Final items

Hello everyone!

Here we are, just 1 week away from the 2022 edition of the Great Beater Challenge!! I’m excited to see you all again, and your wonderful creations, and I hope you enjoy the route I’ve put together this year.

A few items of note before we begin, first of all, if you had been one of the early entrants to the event, at that time I did not have our new electronic waiver set up. This is now a MANDATORY item to complete by our event insurance provider, and they will no longer accept paper waivers. If you have not completed the Speedwaiver, please do so at this link:

The waiver must be completed by all attending people, whether they are on a team, or not, or just riding along. It is best to complete this now, before we get to Rocky Mountain House, however if absolutely neccessary, we will have QR codes with the link to complete it at the check in table at the start.

Other items of note- Some of the areas we will be driving through are quite remote. Please be sure you bring extra fuel, especially if your vehicle has limited range. Spare tires will also be important, as there is 250km of gravel on day 1, and about 100 on day 2. Other recommended items include a full regiment of tools, fire extinguisher if you have available, spare parts and fluids, Water, food, and anything else you would bring on a road trip. There had been recent rain when I completed the route check, which kept dust down nicely, but prepare for some with a group of cars such as ours passing over the roads.

These are also active haul roads in areas, although also designated as secondary highways. Remember that any large trucks or machinery always have the right of way. If one is approaching you, pull right over and slow to 50km/h or below until they pass.

We will have both fast response, and heavy recovery sweep crews on the event, to assist you as possible, or to haul a broken car off the side of the road. They are however, not there to carry your vehicle the entire rest of the way, only to get you to somewhere where you can repair, or leave your vehicle to collect later and hop in with another team. We will have communication via cell phones, UHF and HAM radio, and one of our heavy sweep crews also has a SAT phone for emergency use. Contact information for sweep will be in the back of your route books.

Meeting at the start location- Rocky Regional Rec Centre- 8am sharp on Saturday. From there we will have our initial judging, mixed with the “worst car show in the world”. Driver’s meeting will be around 9:30am, with the intent to hit the road around 10.

See you all soon!!

-Peter Brook

3 thoughts on “GBC 2022- Final items

  1. Been putting miles under the wagon and fixing the little things that turn into big things! Looking like the Minnow is ready to sail!


  2. Hello Peter, I was in last years gbc along with David McKay. Life got in the way for me this year and I had to pass up on what sounded like a great time. Dave had mentioned to me about the “Fiddy Run” To the best of my understanding its a 50cc class moped run over 500km. If this is still something you do I would love to participate in it. Would you please get back to me about any other details you may have. Thank you in advance. John Metz PS I don’t have a fb account but my wife Katherine does. Cheers!! Looking forward to your reply


    1. Hi John, I actually don’t organize the Fiddy Run, but I do participate. They do have the info for their event in a group on Facebook called “Fiddy Run”. I’ll see if I can post a link here.


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