It’s nearly GBC time!

Here we are, the final week before the GBC! It’s crunch time!

I have a few updates to share with you all, and will be posting this notice on Facebook, sending out emails, and posting on the website so you will all be aware.

VOLUNTEERS– We will have a meeting on Friday night @ 7pm @ Kingsmen Ale House, 2012 Mayor Magrath drive S. Please attend if you are able, and I will walk you through how things will go down, and overview the scorers and judges on their duties.

TEAMS– Some items I would recommend bringing with you include: Tools obviously, Road hazard triangles, Fire extinguisher if you can, Water, snacks, Spare tires, extra fuel if your vehicle is thirsty, spare parts, inline fuel filters, etc.

Our start point on Saturday, is the Pure Casino Lethbridge, as you well know. I ask that everyone meets there at 8 AM SHARP. This gives us enough time to do our initial judging, you can show off your hooptie, and check everyone else’s out as well.

We will have a registration table set up, please check in with Sheila here, and then remain close to your vehicle until you’ve been judged so we don’t have to hunt for you.

The casino won’t be open until 9:30, but breakfast can be obtained from Timmies or A&W which are both close by. At 9:30 we will be having our driver’s meeting, and then hand out the routebooks and send you on your way.

Once you arrive in Cadillac, you are free to set up wherever you like in the campground site. Please note that the fire ban is likely still in effect.

Range Line Tavern at the Cadillac Hotel has graciously offered to open from 5-10pm for off sales on the day we arrive. So you will be able to get some snacks, soft drinks, water, energy drinks, coffee, as well as liquor and beer from there. No table service unfortunately as they will be in the midst of their remodelling.

Sunday morning we will have another short driver’s meeting before setting off, likely around 9am.
Once you arrive back in Lethbridge, the finish point is back at the casino in the same lot again. Upon arrival, please see our scorers to have your points tallied up, and stick around for awards and prizes. (You never know if or what you might win!). If you are on the hunt for food, unfortunately we were unable to have a meal set up of our own this year, but food will be available inside the Casino, as well as other local restaurants close by.

The weather is looking good and this should be a fun event, looking forward to seeing you all!


4 thoughts on “It’s nearly GBC time!

  1. Peter, A sudden change at work makes my participation in the challenge this weekend impossible. I’ve been looking forward to this for two years. i can’t believe this has happened.
    Good luck and have fun.
    Trent Lyons


    1. Sorry to hear that Trent. I’ll adjust the entry list


  2. I’ve just learned of this event, I’d love to see the cars on their return to Lethbridge … is there a certain time that would be good in order to see some of them? Is there an “award” ceremony scheduled?


    1. Hi Kathy, So sorry to have missed your comment on the weekend of the event, otherwise I could have let you know. Often it’s quite hard to pin point an exact time of when the cars show up at a given point, case in point the finish of this event there was about a 3-4 hour spread between the first cars at the finish and the last, due to breakdowns, different travel speeds, stops, etc. If I recall we gave out our awards around 6-6:30pm on the Sunday, still missing a few cars at that point.


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