2021 Wrap up

The dust has settled, the rust is falling back to the bottom of the fuel tanks, and here we are, GBC 2021 is over.

I want to take time to thank everyone involved in making this event happen.

Our sweep crews: Brenton Reach, Rodney Badiuk, Michael Entem, Clem Salcedo, Pete Chadwick, and Lisa Chadwick

Our scorers/judges: Clinton Grudecki, Jason Humphreys, Kyle Hellwig, Cody Kaupp, Darcy Wall, and David Saunders

Also our trophy fabricator Matt Dupuis!

As well I want to thank our friends with businesses for donating their gracious gifts for random awards, Les Rusty Speedwerks Inc., and Cody @ Iron Horse Diesel

Another thanks goes to Pure Casino Lethbridge, for allowing us to use their lot for our start and finish.

As well a big thank you to the people of Cadillac for having us, including the new owners of the Range Line Tavern for supporting us.

Last but not least, I want to thank YOU! If it weren’t for you amazing, passionate competitors and fans, the GBC would have never grown into what it is today. Lets continue to make this even better for next year.

Be sure to check out the results on our 2021 Results Page, as well as our photo gallery

Info on the 2022 event will be coming in the new year! Keep your eyes on the site or our Facebook page for all the latest details!



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