August 1st GBC Update!


Howdy folks!

Here we are: August 1st. We are within 1 month of the event now, and yours truly is once again in a mad scramble to get everything in place in time.

I will have a number of updates and news coming for you within the next little bit so make sure you keep an eye on our facebook page for details.

The first update is that on our overnight stop in Cadillac, Saskatchewan. We will be camping at the campground in town, as shown by the pictures. It is quite a large area, and we should all fit, but if need be, overflow can use the ball diamond area across the street.

There is no set charge to use the campsite, however the town asks that it be by donation to help them with maintenance of the site. Those who wish to pitch in a few $$ can do so by dropping their money off at the Village office/Post office.

Unfortunately due to very dry conditions everywhere this summer, there is currently a fire ban in effect, and that is not likely to change in time for the event.

The Cadillac hotel/Range line Tavern is in the town as well, however it has just changed ownership, and the new owners are renovating the hotel, so it will not be available. The closest hotel accommodations would be in Shaunavon, 58km before Cadillac.

We also tried to arrange another breakfast like we did in Lodgepole, however due to the Tavern being bought right before the event they wouldn’t have enough time to prepare. So please bring your own food for breakfast/whatever coffee and other items you need in the morning to function.

Good news is that the town has a gas station, which also has a mechanic shop attached, and stocks many auto parts in it, as well as a Napa in town too! This should help some people make some bodge repairs required to get to the end!

We are in pretty remote rural country here, with mostly only small towns along the route, so please plan your supplies accordingly.

I will be in touch again soon with some more info!

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