GBC Jr. is this Saturday!!

Hey everyone! Here we are, less than a week away from our mini GBC Jr cruise!

Remember our start meeting place for the main event will be the former Sobey’s Scenic Square parking lot (behind A&W and Arbys) just south of the intersection of Mayor Magrath Drive and Scenic Drive in Lethbridge. Meetup on Saturday will be 8:30am, and we will be hitting the road at 9:30am. Route instructions will be given out on site. Please respect social distancing and use Covid precautions. Masks highly recommended.

For those up in the North (Calgary etc), Adam Bichel is putting together a meetup up there, to travel contra-flow to the main event. Here’s his information on that:

“Hey guys!

My current team members have very real Covid risk due to compromised immune system. For that reason we will be using multiple cars coming from the Calgary area.

Due to the one day time restriction we are doing the same route as the South group but starting in the morning in Black Diamond we will run the route in the opposite direction to see some of the other entries. Meeting at the same time 8:30 and leave at 9:00-9:30 depending on if anyone else from Calgary or from the North would like to join us.


Thanks everyone for your support through what’s been a different year for our event, and such a crazy time for myself that my FB posts may have been a little sparse this year.

2 thoughts on “GBC Jr. is this Saturday!!

  1. Where in Black Diamond?


    1. Contact Adam @ adampbichel (at) hotmail (dot) com for more info, he is planning that run


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