GBC Jr. 2020 Details!!

Here it is folks, at least we can salvage SOMETHING out of 2020…
I present to you, the GBC Jr.!
Date: Saturday August 29, 2020
8:30 am meetup, 9:30 am on the road
This will be a one day, cruise type event, NO SIGN UP, NO ENTRY FEE. Just show up and come for a drive with us.
You may bring a beater, a regular car, a fun car, and expensive but unreliable car, whatever you wish!
There will be no organized sweep vehicles unless you bring some of your own, so plan accordingly.
The meetup point will be in Lethbridge, but the final location is undecided for the moment, I will update as soon as I have this info.
We also ask that everyone please follow social distancing rules at the meetup point, park leaving an open space between each car, and STRONGLY RECCOMMEND the use of face coverings (masks) when outside of the vehicle.
Special edition decals will be available for the GBC Jr, with the design to be unveiled shortly.
Those who choose to travel in from Calgary or other northern places are free to head back home part way through as we will be passing just south of Calgary on the route.
I hope to see you all there and stay tuned for the rest of the fine details!
GBC jr 2020

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