GBC 18 Final Details

Hello Everyone!

I’d like to start off by thanking you all for entering this year’s Great Beater Challenge! Together we’ve amassed 40 terrible, old, piles of turd and made them (mostly) roll and drive.

I want to go over a couple things with you all before we all kick this off next weekend. First off, remember that donations made to our chosen charity, The Last Chance Cat Ranch, are worth extra bonus points! Get your friends and family to donate to the cause, get a copy of the proof of donation, and that’s points for you. Links and different methods can be found on their website:

Our start point for the event will be Silver Automotive in Lethbridge, at 3042 2nd Ave N. We will be meeting there at 8:30 AM, where I will come along and judge all your cars and costumes, as well as check your budget paperwork (so have that ready). It will also work out to be a kind of cars & coffee atmosphere, but with much worse cars. Being at a parts store, it may also give you time to make those last minute repairs before we hit the road. We’ll be aiming to hit the road around 10/10:30, once I’ve done the judging, and we’ve had a driver’s meeting.

There are a few things I would recommend teams bring with them for the event, and they include: Clothing for warm, and cold weather. We are up in the Mountains, and weather can change quickly, so dress accordingly. Fire Extinguishers- If you have one you are capable of bringing with you in the car, please do. With all the fires going on in BC right now, the last thing we need is one of our cars starting another one. Tools- Duh, you’re in an old beater, you’ll probably have to fix something. Fluids, Oils, Lord Lucas the Prince of Stop Leaks- Anything that might be helpful to get your car through the event. Car chargers for phones, or external batteries- We’ll all have each other’s numbers in the route book, as well as that of sweep, this will be important if you are in need of help.

For those who were worried about the fires, and the fire ban, Although there are fires burning in the area, none are affecting our route at this time. I am keenly watching it, and if anything changes I will let you know. The campground is indeed under a fire ban, so no open fires. A small CSA/ULC approved contained camping stove is Ok however, I have confirmed this with the campground. Do be prepared for smoke however… this is just going to be a fact of life for the next few weeks unfortunately. Also, Radium has an excellent pub, the Horsethief Creek Pub, with great food, and I’m sure a group of us will find our way there.

On day 2, we will start from the campground, so if you are staying offsite, or in a hotel, please meet us there in the morning. I estimate a meeting time of 9:00am for the day 2 start. (Theres a few more miles to cover, and we’d like to aim to be rolling into lethbridge around supper time or early evening.)

Our finish location is a BBQ at Nico De Graaf’s house, between Lethbridge and Coaldale. Detailed instructions will be in your route books on how to get there. We will have a CASH BBQ there, with $3 for a burger or a wiener, and $1 for a pop or water. Proceeds just go to covering the cost of the food. When we get there, we will be collecting your scores, tabulating the results, and awarding some trophies, so stick around!

I do still have a couple of teams which I haven’t recieved entry fees from yet, and as a result I will be dropping from the entry list tomorrow if not paid…
They are:

Toxic- Travis&Mike- 1979 Chevy Camaro
Should’ve known better- Matt, Dave, Niels- TBD
White Snake- Brandin & Troy- 1981 Chevy Camaro

Thanks again everyone, and I can’t wait to see you all next weekend!

-Peter Brook

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