GBC 2018 Final Results!

That’s a wrap on another amazing Great Beater Challenge.

I want to extend a big THANK YOU, to everyone who helped me make this possible. Darcy Wall and the gang over at Silver Automotive for hosting our start, and giving is all coffee and donuts in the morning. Gary And Lynne Oja from the Horsethief Hideout, for hosting our midpoint camping, their venue was perfect for an event like ours. Nico and Breanne de Graaf, for hosting our finish BBQ, scoring and awards, as well as helping cook our BBQ. Brenton Reach, Simon Kully, and Evan MacDonald, for running sweep for us this weekend. Despite having one terminal vehicle failure, we still didn’t need to really tow anyone on the trailer, which is a plus! Craig Coburn for making our amazing trophies for overall, best under $500, and best costumes and theme, and Matt Dupuis, Brian Cohoe, Craig again, and everyone else who helped me burn through the scoring as fast as we could. Elizabeth and the folks at the Last Chance Cat Ranch, for coming out to the start and being so enthusiastic about our event!

I’m happy to report that we have our numbers for money raised for the Last Chance Cat Ranch Lethbridge!

I sent the bulk donation of the remainder of the entry fee money left, and it totalled $1832.15!!

As well, from your own individual fundraising, we raised another $1802, for a grand total of $3634.15!!

Thank you all so much for your hard work, that’s an impressive amount and I can’t help but thank all of you for making it possible!


Throughout this year, and with the immense growth of this event, I’m learning more and new things about what it takes to organize this. There are some improvements I can make for next year to help streamline the process, and I will be enacting them for sure.

I was a little concerned when we began, that with 40 teams things could get a little out of control whilst out on the event, but you all were great, and really well behaved. I want to thank you all for that, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to do this event with!.

I hope to see you all back next year!


Here we are, our final overall standings for the 2018 GBC!

1. Miles away from Ordinary- 3340pts
2. Return of the Swede- 3316pts
3. Rusty Creamsicle- 2875pts
4. The Eh Team- 2780pts
5. Pacemaker- 2680pts
6. The Dipolamats- 2500pts
7. The Chevfoles- 2470pts
8. Milk’s gone bad- 2350pts
9. Christmas Miracle- 2310pts
10. Special Delivery- 2270pts
11. Over the Hill- 2245pts
12. Natural Disaster- 2210pts
13. Sh***er’s Full!- 2143pts
14. Big Bang Theory- 2120pts
15. Initial Disaster- 2053pts
16. Radio Flyer Bobcat Rescue Team- 2010pts
17. Shake, Rattle, and Run!- 1990pts
18. Piper’s Pit- 1915pts
19. Canadian Classic- 1904pts
20. Land Lover’s Party Barge- 1865pts
21. Hillbilly Deluxe- 1860pts
22. Benz but doesn’t break- 1840pts
23. Rattle Trap Prospecting- 1810pts
24. Poor Man’s Vette- 1793pts
25. Double A Steering Wheel Holders- 1790pts
26. Brökeswagën- 1720pts
27. Ridin’ Dirty- 1634pts
28. The Rusty Bullet- 1625pts
29. Weakest Linc- 1568pts
30. The Daily- 1500pts
31. Swede Speed- 1470pts
32. Jett-lagged- 1400pts
33. Lone Ranger- 1375pts
34. Olde Faithful- 1310pts
35. The General Ree- 1130pts
36. Toxic- 1090pts
37. Dolls with Balls- 841pts (DNF)
38. Pinto the Bean- 280pts? *
39. Duck’s Guts- 252pts
40. Hunting the Yeti- 180pts? *

*= missing or incomplete data

Our award winners are:

Overall Points- Miles away from Ordinary (trophy donated to the Toxic team)

Best under $500- Rusty Creamsicle

Best costumes and theme- Rattle Trap Prospecting

Marginally above average effort award- Over the Hill

Most Spectacular Failure- Dolls with Balls

Most comfortable- Weakest Linc

Least comfortable- Toxic

Unicorn award (Rarest Vehicle)- Miles away from Ordinary

Dutchman’s award (Lowest total spend)- The Eh Team

Best Roadside Repair- The Eh Team

Thanks again to everyone for taking part! I’ll be making some updates and posting pictures in the coming days, and then slowly making the transition into next year’s planning!

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