July Update! Getting closer by the Day!

Howdy Folks!

July is here! That means summer sun, Stampede, Street Machine weekend, and of course, less than 1 month till the early entry deadline for the GBC! Get your entries in now, before the cost goes up to $75! Also, if you’ve entered, but not paid, please do so soon!!

We have also solved our finish party location issues, as Nico de Graaf has stepped up to allow us to hold it at his acreage between Lethbridge and Coaldale. (precise location will be in the route books) We will be having a BBQ, with a few dollars charge per burger/hot dog/drink, simply to cover the cost.

As well, if you haven’t started getting some donations to our charity, Last Chance Cat Ranch, now is the time! Remember, save your receipts/screenshots, as donations on behalf of your team are worth big points! (and personal feel good points)

The link for online donations is: http://www.thelastchancecatranch.com/please-donate


Also, big thanks to our volunteer sweep crews which have volunteered their time for this years event! I’m also happy to report that we will have 2 sweep crews working together to try and keep your jalopies moving. Brenton Reach, will be our Heavy Recovery unit, towing the flat deck trailer this year, with Simon Kully and Evan MacDonald running our Fast Action Recovery Team (or FART*), with a Truck and tools to assist with repairs as needed.

I will be doing the pre-run of the route, and checkpoint planning likely on the last weekend of this month/first weekend of next month, to make sure everything is in place.

It’s all shaping up to be another great event!




*Thanks Brad Derzaph for our recovery crew name

1 thought on “July Update! Getting closer by the Day!

  1. The Escort is ready to do battle! Running great (well except the rattle from under the car but I don’t plan on looking under it anymore).


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