Start and Finish Locations updated!


First of all, reminder that ENTRY FEES ARE DUE NEXT WEEKEND!!

Next, thanks to Matt Dupuis’ work, we now have a start point nailed down for the GBC, as well as some further info on our finish.

The start will take place from Deerfoot Meadows Wal-Mart, 7979 11 St SE, Calgary, AB

Please meet at the SE end of the parking lot if possible, near the Shark Club and Dennys and Sandman Hotel. It’s where the fewest people park until the rest of the lot fills up, and it’s probably most likely that we’ll have this space all to ourselves early in the morning. (See Diagram)


Our finish is still Cardel Homes, 180 Quarry Park Blvd, Calgary, AB.

Cardel has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot for the finish location, final scoring, and awards. Teams will trickle in as they arrive to town, get scored, chat and relax after a long journey. Once everyone has arrived we will have awards to give away.

We will also have a Food Truck, Lil’ Truck on the Prairie, on site for the finish, which will be set-up for 7:00. Remember to bring your appetites and support the food truck! They should be able to take credit and debit. One more reminder to not leave any garbage or trash lying around afterwards and if your cars have developed any catastrophic leaks, please think about having pieces of cardboard or something for them to drip on. Any locals are encouraged to bring friends and family down to check out the carnage after the event and of course to feed their appetites!

image (2)

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