Thank you and Results!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again to all of you for what was an amazing event, with our best entry turnout yet! I could not have done it with all the help and support, not to mention enthusiasm of all of you!

Big thanks once again to our FART and Sweep crews, as well as our volunteer scoring and judging crews! Everything ran so much smoother than I expected, other than the weather taking a dump on us during our finish and awards.

In the process of all of our silliness, we also managed to raise $3056.62 for Windy City Canine Rescue! Thank you all for your generous donations, and that dollar amount doesn’t take into account the money raised by individual teams as well, which I know was substantial!!

I’ve finally had time now to compile our results list, with the data I had. Some may have been incomplete due to DNFs or people who couldn’t make the finish/not stay to be scored. 2019 Results

I have lots of ideas for next year, and I hope to see you all back again!!

Join us for “Flatland Fails”, coming August 2020….



2 thoughts on “Thank you and Results!

  1. Hello Peter,
    I was told about your event by Cameron Mcleod(74 Astre wagon)
    And I’d love to participate in the 2020 challenge.
    Don’t have a vehicle yet but I am resourceful.
    Please include me on your list with another person (tbd) and please forward any pertinent info that I need to know.
    I did read your entire website so I probably have most of it in my head by now.
    Thank you in advance,
    John Metz


    1. Hi John, thanks for your interest! Entries for 2020 are not quite open yet, I’ll be updating the website some time in the new year. I’m also changing the way I handle entries this year a little, and it will all be handled online through motorsportsreg. Keep watching the site or our Facebook page for all the latest info!


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