GBC Weekend is nearly upon us!

Hello Everyone!

Here we are, only a few days away from the event. I hope you all are pretty much ready to go, or are finishing up those last minute things, like me.

I just want to go over a couple things with you all before Saturday. First off, if you didn’t see my post on Facebook, the location for the start has changed, back to the same location we used last year, the north gravel lot of Southland International, at 4310 9th Ave N. My one request is that you drive carefully whilst on the lot, slowly, no sliding, and not leave any garbage behind.

When we meet there at 8am on Saturday, we will be doing our initial judging of your vehicles, themes, and costumes, followed by a drivers meeting, where I’ll also had out the routebooks, and then we are off!

A few things I would suggest people bring if possible:
-spare tire(s) (driving on gravel, there is increased possibility for punctures)
-snacks for the road
-chargers for phones
-emergency roadside triangles
-If you have a fire extinguisher, please bring it. I have a few which I’ll be randomly distributing amongst the group, being how dry it is out there, the last thing I want is for one of our cars to accidentally start a forest fire.

In your routebook, I’ve also included a list of contacts, with everyone’s phone number. Be sure to save mine, and Phil’s (our sweep) numbers in your phone in case you need them, or you can get a hold of other competitors nearby. When we are in the mountains, service can be spotty, but if you send a text, it’ll send as soon as you get service, and be received as soon as the recipient gets service.

I look forward to seeing you all there, and having a great weekend!


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