GBC 2020 postponed!!

Hi everyone,

I had been meaning to post this a little while ago, but have been flat out at work lately with not much free time.

I have some bad news… In light of recent announcements by the Alberta government in regards to not allowing events with more than 15 people until the end of August, and likely still not increasing to the size of nearly 150 needed for a 75 entrant GBC to take place anytime sooner after that, I’ve made the very hard decision to postpone the 2020 GBC, until August 28-29, 2021.

We will retain the same route, same meeting points, same charity, etc, but run it next year. Those whom have already entered will have the choice to withdraw and have their money fully refunded, OR, choose to stay registered for the 2021 event. I will try to get the MSReg event updated to reflect this.

I am deeply saddened that it has had to come to this but I will do my best to ensure that when we can get out there again, it’s one of the best GBCs yet. (Including possibly increasing the entry field again, but we’ll talk about that at a later date)

Stay safe friends,


2 thoughts on “GBC 2020 postponed!!

  1. Hello. Wondering if we should work on project or not. What does postponed mean.


    1. It means the event will not take place until August 28-29, 2021. It will however remain with the same route, the same format, and those on the entry list have the option of keeping their place for next year (so far all have). I also will be likely opening the entry up to more people to make up for the lack of event this year, but that decision will be made at a later date.

      But by all means work on your project! More time to make it great!!


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